Hvad består en cigaret af ?

I 2018 blev der solgt over 5 millioner cigaretter i Danmark. (Kilde).

Snus, cigaretter og rulletobak var fra starten rene naturprodukter, men moderne tobaksprodukter indeholder en lang række tilsætningsstoffer.



Stoffer fundet i røgen :



Denne hjemmeside

The addictive properties may also be indirectly enhanced by the inclusion of ingredients such
as eugenol, menthol and cocoa. Ingredients such as eugenol and menthol numb the throat
so the smoker cannot feel the smoke’s aggravating effects. Because of its local anaesthetic
properties, menthol allows a deeper inhalation of the irritating tobacco smoke and as such,
more smoke to be inhaled and deeper puffs to be attained, resulting in a higher nicotine
dose per puff. With products like menthol-flavoured cigarettes, individuals can inhale more
tobacco smoke while experiencing less of the harsh taste. Therefore, along with the added
fresh taste, menthol has significant physiological effects on breathing. Similarly, additives
such as cocoa may be used to dilate the airways allowing the smoke an easier and deeper
passage into the lungs, exposing the body to more nicotine and higher levels of tar.

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